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We are looking for a few good articles and actively welcoming new contributions from our growing military community.

*Positive, empowering submissions: We want our readers to learn, connect and grow.  We are looking for your parenting, breastfeeding, nutrition, pregnancy, birth and postpartum tips, advice pieces, and personal essays or birth stories about your experience with the military CONUS and OCONUS. 
*Photos: All contributors are encouraged to submit photos with their posts. Please include photographer’s info so we can give proper credit if they are not personal photos.
*Word count: Articles run between 500-1000 words, less than 500 cannot be published.
*Tone: Inclusive, accessible and generally positive. Take a look around and see what we've previously posted.
*Original Content: We ask that posts be unique and original.  We reserve the right to accept or deny submissions.
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*Health claims: If you mention a statistic or a study in your piece, please include a link to that source. It's important to us that readers can follow your line of thinking and research further if they want to know more through reviewed scientific papers, academic journals, and/or credible news outlets. 


Birth Story Submission Guidelines: 

When talking about your story feel free to share about how your birth changed your life. Birth is different for everyone. For some it could’ve been a very long and intense experience while others were quick and simple. There are parents who have prepared and educated themselves, but had a special circumstance arise that needed medical attention, but they were able to make informed choices and had a positive experience. What we want to avoid negative scary stories. Our goal is to help bring a positive light surrounding birth in our military community.  Your experience doesn’t have to be an unmedicated birth only. It can be with medication or even a cesarean as long as it was a positive, empowering experience.


When submitting birth story, please answer at least one of these questions:

If you had a doula, how did she help your birth journey, and would you recommend having a doula?

Were there any other medical professionals (midwife, lactation consultant, chiropractor, etc) who empowered your birthing journey, and in what ways?

What other advocates did you have to help you with your birthing decisions?

What are some positive things or empowering words you’d like to share with other expectant parents?

Did you deliver with a spouse gone? How was your experience? What would you like to tell other moms delivering while a spouse is deployed? 

If you were a single Active Duty mom, what was your birth experience like? 

Does the father/birth partner have anything they would like to share?

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