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Welcome Packet

We are pleased that you have considered becoming a chapter leader. Perhaps you're in an area where minimum support is available or in an area where there are numerous options for family support.  Regardless of the available support, MBRN's mission is to support military families in all branches of the service, from one duty station to the next.  Chapter Leaders will be provided with many resources to ensure a successful start of the Chapter.

As a chapter of the Military Birth Resource Network, you have access to information for base establishment and templates for putting together Birth Talks, events, and much more.

Welcome to the Military Birth Resource Network!

Your packet will include:

  • Free membership of the person applying for the position while serving on the chapter board.

  • Your personal professional or business listing

  • Military Birth Resource Network Business Cards

  • Military Birth Resource Network Informational Cards

  • Assigned your own chapter @militarybirthresourcenetwork email address.

  • Startup packet for your military base approval.

  • Start up packet for beginning groups, events, and dispersing information off base.

  • Chapter Leader t-shirt

Q & A

Do I need to be a birth or postpartum doula to be a chapter leader?

No. Chapter leaders can come from any background as long as they are familiar with pregnancy, birth and postpartum. and want to help the community expand. They should have a heart to want to connect local resources for our military communities and be motivated to establish a network and facilitate events.

Can there be more than one leader in a location?

 Yes. There are numerous large military bases. For example, the San Diego area,  there would be the San Diego Military Birth Resource Network, Balboa Division, and/or Pendleton Division.

I don't have a military ID Card. Can I still become a leader?

No. At this time we are only opening chapters leader positions to those who have base access with an ID card.

Can you still join?

Absolutely! You can still sit on a Chapter Committee. Active Membership is available to those wanting participate with a chapter.  The military member will be responsible for getting you on and off base for functions and other events.



Chapter & Chapter Leader Requirements


We believe that our families need continuity of care and resources available to them as they move from one duty station to the next. You are an integral part in helping this expand. 


Steps to becoming a successful Military Birth Resource Network Chapter:

  • Chapter leaders must have a current military ID card to be a chapter leader and base representative, this allows base access that is essential for the chapter. However, a member may serve on committees without having base access.

  • To establish a chapter on base you must obtain the required paperwork from your base legal office. MBRN will provide the necessary paperwork such as BiLaws, Constitution and Articles of Association when when required to  operate a chapter on base.

  • Determine the paperwork required from the base legal office to establish a chapter on the base and the POC for MBRN to email this information to

  • Chapter leaders must be willing to build healthy bridges in the community and with local hospitals and promote the mission, vision, and goals of MBRN

  • Chapter leaders do not need to be a practicing doula but must have the ability to connect local resources with military families and an understanding of labor, birth, and postpartum

  • Host and promote events such as birth talks, breastfeeding support groups, and other events as needed in your specific area (pertinent to your service area). MBRN will provide you startup packets and guide and assist each chapter with suggestions and information resources.

  • Engage in networking and events that build healthy bridges in the community and both base and civilian hospitals.

  • Sign a letter of commitment to further the mission and vision of MBRN in providing reliable resources for the military community. Families need continuity of care as they transition from one duty station to the next and MBRN chapters and chapter leaders are an integral part of this transition

  • Sign the non-compete clause and confidentiality statements for MBRN.


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