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Being a member of the military offers a life style that most people never experience and often find difficult to understand; frequent moves, different cultures, living and working challenges and frequent moves.  One of the more difficult challenges is being separated from family and friends at a time of utmost importance, having a baby.  It’s not always possible for family members to travel great distances to provide support and encouragement for the family.

In Okinawa, Japan a military spouse and doula observed those things first hand, families expecting a new addition without the benefit of a mother or sister or good friend to help.  In 2012 the Japan Birth Resource Network was formed to provide that support.

At the same time, in another military facility, Walter Reed Medical Center, another doula who was supporting her wounded son, observed the same challenges, families expecting a baby without the benefit of family members or close friends to support them.  Little did these two doulas know that their meeting at a doula training in Okinawa would change many lives.  From observing the needs of these families who give so much, it became evident that these families had to have additional support during this incredibly important time in their lives.  A few short years later the Military Birth Resource Network, an international organization designed to provide support for military families during pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and infant feeding was formed.

Postpartum mood disorders, anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar, and others are the number one complication of pregnancy in the United States today.  Just having a healthy baby isn't enough, the physical, emotional, and informational support is a critical factor in the a woman's life.  Risk factors include a prior history, moving, changing care providers, unstable or absent partners/family, and trauma. Many military families experience one or more of these risk factors. The Military Birth Resource Network can offer emotional support, education, and referrals for care to increase the incidence of better family life and bonding with the baby. 

With the background of our founders and the support of well respected birth professionals in the United States, the Military Birth Resource Network is not only bringing much needed support for our expecting and postpartum military families but filling the gaps where non-medical care and local resources are often not available. 

 Today the Military Birth Resource Network, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization and all MBRN chapters are covered under the non-profit status.  MBRN has chapters and members in multiples states and countries and continues to grow serving the needs of military families.