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MBRN Standards of Practice for Doulas

Services Provided

•    The doula will meet the client during pregnancy whenever possible to assist the client in obtaining evidence-based information allowing the client to make decisions regarding her care
•    The doula will accompany the mother in labor providing emotional, physical, and informational support.  This support shall include suggesting comfort measures, non-pharmacological pain relief, and information to assist the woman during her labor and birth, postpartum, and initiating of infant feeding
•    The doula does NOT provide any “treatment” or clinical tasks but offers suggestions for physical and emotional comfort
•     If a doula has qualifications/certification/licensure in other areas of care the doula must not refer to her/himself as a doula when performing these tasks

o    A nurse who performs clinical tasks such as listening to fetal heart tones, assessing blood pressure, or doing vaginal exams may not refer to herself as a doula when performing these tasks
o    A certified herbologist, aroma therapist, homeopathic practitioner, or other certified/licensed professional who is providing “treatment” with such remedies may not identify her/himself as a doula when treating the mother

•    Essential oils, herbal teas, and homeopathic remedies may be used for comfort only


•    The doula advocates for her client’s wishes as expressed in her birth plan, in prenatal meetings, or during labor, birth, and postpartum by encouraging her client or the client’s partner to ask questions and express her wishes to her health care provider.
•    The doula does NOT speak for the client nor does she interfere in the client provider relationship
•    The advocacy role of the doula is defined best as support, information, negotiation, or mediation

Continuity of Care

•    The doula should make an arrangement for a back-up doula to ensure that the client will have doula care provided in the event that the primary doula is unable to do such
•    Introducing the client to the back-up doula should be done to ensure that the client is comfortable with the back-up doula


MBRN Code of Ethics for Doulas


•    I shall maintain high standards of personal conduct in the capacity of a doula
•    I will continually to strive to be proficient and professional in my role as a doula
•    I will act within the highest standards of personal integrity

Ethical Responsibilities

•    My primary responsibility is to my client
•    I will respect the privacy and confidentiality of my client
•    When I agree to provide services for a client I will honor that agreement except in cases of emergency.  Should an emergency arise I will assist in finding a doula to provide service for the client
•    If I elect to not contract with a client I will make appropriate referrals for the client
•    I will treat health care professionals and colleagues with respect, fairness, courtesy, and in good faith
•    I will be fair and reasonable to clients when setting fees for doula services
•    In striving to promote doula care I will individually assess a client’s needs and assist clients in acquiring scholarships and/or make appropriate referrals to assist clients when possible
•    I will uphold the values, ethics, and knowledge of the doula profession

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