We are happy to provide listings for your community.  The birth professionals listed have endorsed the Military Birth Resource Network's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and where applicable they have a base license. These professionals endorse our goal to make a positive difference for pregnant women, new mothers, and their families through education, nurturing, and advocacy while fostering respect, knowledge, and integrity among professionals everywhere. 

Find  a birth or postpartum doula. There are a range of levels of experience for doulas from the newly trained doula to a doula with many years experience.  There are a range of "well seasoned" to "brand new" doulas to fit your needs. Doulas listed on our website do not work for MBRN or the Local Chapter.  We support a mother's right to choose the type of birth that is right for her - un-medicated, medicated, cesarean, VBAC, home birth, hospital birth, or birth center birth.  Every woman will choose birth practices that she feels is right for her and regardless of those choices, our goal is to support her during this incredibly important time.  There are variations in philosophies and practices in the professionals listed in our member guide.  The doulas within our network are trained by a national or internationally recognized organization.  It is the responsibility of each consumer to verify the credentials of each professional.  MBRN encourages consumers to interview professionals to determine which professional is the right person for their needs.  Some doulas may provide volunteer services while others will charge a fee for service, MBRN does not regulate a doulas' fee but the network does encourage doulas participating in this program to consider each families' situation and circumstances.



DemDoula Services

Serving San Diego

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Brianna D. (CD) DONA, 200 RYT Yoga

{Birth Doula, Yoga Instructor, Childbirth Educator}

Email: demdoulaservices@gmail.com

I offer my private clients TWO prenatal visits which include a 45min-1 hour yoga class (private), guided meditation, builiding of a birth plan, general discussions about what to expect in an attempt to have questions and/or concerns addressed before the birth. I will also be on call two weeks before and after the guess date, present at the birth and available for 1-2 postpartum visits. All of my clients have access to my lending library and to me even after babies are born. My goal is to offer birthing people and their teams support in whatever capacity they deem necessary form me. I want them to feel supported and empowered to make the best choices for their family but providing evidence based knowledge and tried and true techniques. I love to help parteners feel involved if they so desire.



Caitlin Davis - Birth Doula

Serving San Diego area

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Caitlin Davis

{Birth Doula}

Email: doulacaitlindavis@gmail.com

Phone: 619-602-3502

My service fee is $450 which includes 2-3 prenatal appointments, where we discuss your birth plan, what to bring, go over labor positions etc. 24/7 phone and email support. On call starting 37 weeks and full attendance at your birth and one to two hours after birth. And lastly 1-2 postpartum visits. I also have a lot of knowledge about babywearing and cloth diapering. I’m a dona trained birth doula working towards certification.



Bryce Martinez - Birth Doula

Serving San Diego County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County & Orange County

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Bryce Martinez

{Birth Doula}

Email: bryce.doula@gmail.com

Phone: 951-387-5165

My practice as a doula is based around EMPOWERMENT. Through a combination of education, and physical/emotional support, I strive to help my clients walk away from their birth experiences feeling confident, strong and heard. I want mommas to walk away feeling as powerful as I witness them to be. My services include TWO prenatal visits, unlimited support at your birth & ONE postpartum visit. Additionally, I remain "on-call" 24/7 via text/phone/email from the time of hire until our postpartum visit.



JennaRay Rufin Birth Doula

Serving San Diego and surrounding areas


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JennaRae Rufin

{Birth Doula}

Website: JennaRay Rufin, Birth Doula

Email: jennaraydoulayay@gmail.com

JennaRay is a DONA-trained Birth Doula, currently working towards her certification. Her role as a doula is to provide physical, emotional and educational support throughout the labor and birthing process. She has completed the Birth Education Center Professional Doula Series, including VBAC for Doulas and Breastfeeding for Doulas. She has observed HypnoBirthing childbirth education and plans to complete Rebozo Certification later this year.

JennaRay became intrigued by the birth process when a close friend introduced her to HypnoBirthing in 2014. During her own pregnancy, it was a no brainer to seek a HypnoBirthing education class. JennaRay was diagnosed with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders in pregnancy which carried over into the  postpartum period. She became passionate about the importance of maternal mental health and the concept of ‘mothering the mother’ after birth in order to minimize and normalize mental health challenges facing pregnant and postpartum families. She is passionate about childbirth education and informed decision making. She truly enjoys guiding families on their journey to a more educated, empowered, and ecstatic birthing experience.



Loving Grace Doula Services

Serving the Greater San Diego Area

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Kim N.

{Birth Doula}

Website: Loving Grace Doula Services

Email: lovinggracedoulaservices@gmail.com

Phone: (760) 613 9332

Honored to provide birth doula services including pre-natal visits to discuss comfort measures, diet and exercise, birth preferences, evidence-based education, and postpartum plans.  Caring support for families before, during, and after the birth of a new baby.



Doula Kate Spera

Serving families in San Diego

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Kate S. (CD)DONA

{Certified Birth Doula & Rebozo certified}

Website: Doula Kate Spera

Email: doulakatespera@gmail.com

Phone: (408) 621-3674

I am excited to join you on this magical and empowering journey through birth because every family deserves love and compassionate support into parenthood.

Our first meeting is free and a good way for us to get to know each other. I provide two prenatal appointments. During the first appointment, you and I can talk about your birth history, birth plan, concerns, and answer questions. You will have text, phone, and e-mail support from then on. During the second appointment, I will go over comfort measures that you and your partner can practice during early labor. At 38 weeks, I will be on-call for your birth. You can reach me by phone for 24/7 support. Once in labor, I will come when you are ready for me and support you in whatever way you need, while using comfort measures. After Baby’s birth, I offer two hours of continued support to assist with feeding and bonding. At your postpartum appointment, we will talk about your feelings in processing your baby’s birth, breastfeeding support, and any other support your family needs. My fee for this package is $550. I accept cash, check, and Venmo.