We are happy to provide listings for your community.  The birth professionals listed have endorsed the Military Birth Resource Network's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and where applicable they have a base license. These professionals endorse our goal to make a positive difference for pregnant women, new mothers, and their families through education, nurturing, and advocacy while fostering respect, knowledge, and integrity among professionals everywhere. 

Find  a birth or postpartum doula. There are a range of levels of experience for doulas from the newly trained doula to a doula with many years experience.  Doulas listed on our website do not work for MBRN or the local chapter. There are a range of "well seasoned" to "brand new" doulas to fit your needs. Doulas listed on our website do not work for MBRN or the Local Chapter.  We support a mother's right to choose the type of birth that is right for her - un-medicated, medicated, cesarean, VBAC, home birth, hospital birth, or birth center birth.  Every woman will choose birth practices that she feels is right for her and regardless of those choices, our goal is to support her during this incredibly important time.  There are variations in philosophies and practices in the professionals listed in our member guide.  The doulas within our network are trained by a national or internationally recognized organization.  It is the responsibility of each consumer to verify the credentials of each professional.  MBRN encourages consumers to interview professionals to determine which professional is the right person for their needs.  Some doulas may provide volunteer services while others will charge a fee for service, MBRN does not regulate a doulas' fee but the network does encourage doulas participating in this program to consider each families' situation and circumstances.





The English Doula

Serving Kaiserslautern Military Community, Germany

Rachael Pilling

{UK Trained & Registered Midwife/Labor & Birth Doula}
Address: Im Hofeck 1, Heiligenmoschel, 67699
Phone: 01-766-409-2223
Facebook: The English Doula

 Since 2000 I have been working in the UK, UAE and USA caring for women during their pregnancy and birth. I have seen birth from many sides - low and high risk, in home and in hospital, in water and on dry land and I have shared birth experiences both happy and sad. And I am still learning! Now living in Germany, my role as a Doula allows me to focus on encouraging women to take control of their childbirth experience through encouragement, education and empowerment. I have always loved forming close bonds with my clients and getting to know them and their families, so that I can better support them when they really need me. I wholeheartedly believe that having the best support and being able to take an active role in your own birth experience, has an amazing impact on the outcome and ultimate perception of that experience. I want to help you to have the best birth experience possible and will be there to advise, suggest, support, listen and guide you through this amazing and life changing event. Whether this is your first baby or you are an experienced Mom, whether you are planning a home birth or an elective C-section, and however you choose to feed your baby, my services are provided without judgement and are tailored to suit the individual needs of you and your family. I can't wait to meet you!



TC Birth Services

Tara Crim, MPH, CD(DONA), CLC

{Certified Birth Doula (DONA) and Certified Lactation Counselor,Rebozo Certified and Spinning Babies Trained}

Facebook: TC Birth Services

Please message on Facebook if you'd like to chat and see if I'm a good fit for you and your family. Happy and healthy birthing, Tara


Birth is natural. Birth is sacred. Birth is life-changing.  I am so fortunate to support women and their families in this journey to bring new life into this world. Your birth space is special to me and I will help you keep that space safe and loving.  Your body was made to birth this baby - and I will be by your side as you evolve into a mother (for the 1st, 2nd or 5th time!)
I have been lucky enough to support women in the KMC area for over 6 years.  In addition to being a Certified Birth Doula, I’m also a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC).  If you plan to breastfeed, I will be able to help support you in that area, as well.  Feel free to check out my Facebook page to see what my previous clients have said about their experience working with me: