Active Group Membership


Active Group Membership


Join the Military Birth Resource Network and support military families from one duty station to the next.  Membership in this organization not only connects you with other healthcare professionals, but also provides support for our military families serving in every branch of the military.  Local chapters on each base offer a variety of resources pertinent to the location, including prenatal education, birth and postpartum support, and infant feeding. By joining MBRN, you will connect with other professionals and advocates that are diligently working to improve birth outcomes from families in our military communities.

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* Advanced Professional Membership is a dedication to participate in your local MBRN Chapter.*

This Membership is available to those desiring to begin a chapter. There must be a minimum of 3 with a maximum of 5 individuals ready to start a chapter or join a chapter as Active Members.  This will also include individual business listings. Chapter Leader is required to have base access. 

Your membership will travel with you to your next duty station. 


  • 1 business listing on the website per person at specific duty stations with the goal of being a resource for military families.
  • Startup Packet (rack cards, chapter email, personalized business cards)
  • Chapter Leader will receive a t-shirt, Discounts for Board Member T-shirts
  • Holding Chapter office 
  • Must attend 1 meeting & support 1 event per quarter (non-office holders).
  • May serve on chapter committees.
  • First opportunity to participate in any MBRN events before opening up to the public and network alongside the chapters.
  • Does not pay a vendor fee for events hosted by MBRN.
  • May share information on Chapter’s Facebook page
  • Discounts to MBRN items (Coming Soon)
  • Discounts to Military Affiliated Businesses (Coming Soon)