Membership Levels

Join the Military Birth Resource Network and support military families from one duty station to the next.  Membership in this organization not only connects you with other healthcare professionals, but also provides support for our military families serving in every branch of the military.  Local chapters on each base offer a variety of resources pertinent to the location, including prenatal education, birth and postpartum support, and infant feeding. By joining MBRN, you will connect with other professionals and advocates that are diligently working to improve birth outcomes from families in our military communities.

Doulas will be asked to sign the MBRN Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for Birth and Postpartum Doulas.




 Basic Professional Membership

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As a Professional, get listed today to help support your community.  Apply today with the services you provide as:

  • Doula - Birth & Postpartum

  • Lactation/Breastfeeding Educator,etc.

  • Placenta Encapsulationist

  • Childbirth Educator

  • Photographer


Advanced Professional Membership

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An Advanced Professional membership allows you showcase your speciality and desire to provide further  support in your military community.  Apply today with the services you provide as:


  • Midwife

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Chiropractor

  • Herbalist

  • etc.


Basic Business Membership

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As a Business, your team works together to support your community.  If your team includes 3-5 professionals who provide pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support, then apply today for your Basic Business Membership.


Advanced Business Membership

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As an Advanced Business, your team works together to support your community.  If your team includes more than 5 professionals who provide pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support, then apply today for your Advanced Business Membership.


FAQs of MBRN Membership

Why should I sign up to be an MBRN member?

We believe that our families need continuity of care and resources available to them as they move from one duty station to the next.  You are an integral part in helping us to achieve that missions.  Together, the passion to provide for our military community, will expand in the knowledge and reliable resources available to the service members and their families.

Who are MBRN Members?

We are military members, spouses, and supporters who are birth and postpartum doulas, birth professionals, and business owners striving to provide resources and continuity of care for military families.  We believe families should have access to resources through every step of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and should not have to be without support, no matter where the military sends us.

Do I have to be in the affiliated with the military to be a member and be listed as a resource?

No. We understand that sometimes resources can be far and few between at some locations. If you are close to a base and offer services to military families we invite you to join. 

What is required of members?

MBRN members are asked to participate in local chapters if available.  We encourage our members to be an active resource for the military families in their area.  We know life is unpredictable, so involvement is completely voluntary.  We ask that our members represent the MBRN community thoughtfully, and always treat other members and people with respect and consideration.

What are the membership benefits?

As a new member, your business listing will be placed on the website for your location so military families can connect directly with you. You will be able to access online social media and support groups, and attend local meet at greets in your area when available, as well as start a chapter at your location. Each member will have the support of the national office of the Military Birth Resource Network.

*On-Base Applicants
Each base has its own requirements when operating a home based business. Most OCONUS duty stations require a home based business license. You will be asked at the end of the application if you will need this.

What if I am working towards a certification and want to be listed?

We understand that some certification processes may take time. We are happy to list you as a professional as long as you are able to provide your proof of registrations for the training or school. You may be asked to submit your certifications once completed. You are responsible for keeping applicable licensing and certifications current. Membership may be denied or canceled if not kept up to date. Professionals joining the network must provide who their certifying organization, licensing body, school, or institute is.