Little Rock Air Force Base Chapter


Little Rock Air Force Base Chapter

About Us



The Mission:  

The Military Birth Resource Network provides a supportive network for military families by developing opportunities for women and their families to be a part of a community that provides pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum, lactation, and parenting support from one duty station to the next.

What We Offer:

  • Provider listings: Doulas, IBCLC's, Birth Centers, etc.
  • Free Birth Talk meetings  to include guest speakers and informative topics.
  • Events such as movie showings,workshops, Birth & Baby Fairs, Red Tent Events. 
  • Connections with other families in the community. 
  • Support Groups

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    Chapter LEADER




    Gina Flake



    Gina is a native of Central Arkansas and moved back to the area in 2006 when her husband retired from the United States Air Force, after 21 years of service. Gina has a heart and love for military wives and families. She has 4 children and 5 amazing grandchildren. She birthed two of her children here in the states, and two overseas while living in Europe. She has been a stay at home mom her entire adult life, supporting her husband and nurturing and homeschooling their 4 children. She loves cooking, gardening, crafting, outdoor activities and anything with her family!

    Gina began seeing her love of birth when her grandchildren were born, in which she was able to participate in. Gina has a true love for birth and the community birth brings, and is looking forward to bringing that feeling into this chapter of the Military Birth Resource Network. Gina looks forward to rejoicing with you, supporting, empowering you and loving you through your birth and mothering experience.