Funding ranges from $50-$350
 At this time, grants are only open to families on Okinawa.
You will be notified via email/phone upon being selected for a
Helping Hands Doula Funding Program.



This program was created to help provide financial assistance in helping expectant women have professional support from a doula. 

Below you will find how this program works and what your obligations are as the recipient.


 Hiring a birth doula, payment and terms of agreement.

It is the recipients personal discretion as to who they hire within the Japan Birth Resource Network. Doulas listed on our website do not work for JBRN. The birth professionals on our listings have endorsed the MBRN Standards of Practice and  Code of Ethics, have approved base business licenses (if applicable) and preserves our goal; Our goal is to make a positive difference for pregnant women, new mothers and their families through education, nurturing and advocacy, while fostering respect, knowledge and integrity among doulas everywhere. We support all kinds of birth - unmedicated, medicated, Caesarean, VBAC, home, hospital or birth center. Every woman must make the choice for herself as to what kind of birth she desires and we as women, no matter what our views, should support each other with those choices. There are variations in the philosophies and practices of MBRN/JBRN professionals.  The doulas within our network are fully trained by a national or international organization. It is the responsibility of each consumer to verify the credentials of professionals and JBRN encourages consumers to interview professionals in order to find the care that is right for each individual and family.

We are not responsible nor determine doula fees or contracts. If the doulas fee is more than the funding provided, it is the responsibility of the expectant mother; recipient, of the Helping Hands Program to pay the difference to the contracted doula.  Any agreements made between the doula and the recipient for any other services, placenta encapsulation, belly casting, breastfeeding classes, birth classes, etc., will be the responsibility of the expectant mother. Any agreements made on payment plans, is not the responsibility of Japan Birth Resource Network.

Japan Birth Resource Network does not promise or garuntee the availability of the doulas within the network.  JBRN is not responsible for the availability or prior commitments of the doulas.

If the birth or postpartum doula services are of a lesser fee than the allocated funding, the amount will only be reimbursable up to the service fee.

Birth Doula vouchers expire 30 days after the delivery of your baby.  Postpartum Doula vouchers expire 60 days after the delivery of your baby.



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