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Military families sacrifice so much, and the Military Birth Resource Network wants to give back.  The struggle of the military family to move from duty station to duty station, to give up holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, endure long deployments with little to no communication - all while bringing new life to the world - is a constant obstacle.  With your help, the MBRN can provide a community of support for the families that give so much to our country.

While base services consistently rotate with doctors, nurses, educators, and breastfeeding support moving from base to base as constantly as the rest of the military community, MBRN is bringing awareness to the gaps in resources and support to the service member and their families.  Expectant mothers suffer most from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, complicating childbirth, especially during the stress of military moves, changes in care providers due to their military move, and hectic schedules or absences of the partner during deployments and training.  MBRN is here to provide emotional support, education, resources and referrals for care to calm the transition of the addition of the newest family member, allowing an increase in the betterment of family life and the special bonding time with the baby.

Your donation goes towards helping military families obtain financial support for doulas through Helping Hands, support for doulas offering volunteer services through Operation Doula and scholarships to train more military doulas in our community.  Many locations do lack support for breastfeeding resources and prenatal classes. Financial support can help alleviate costs for military families to have access to those individuals 

Because you've chosen to donate to the Military Birth Resource Network, we will be able to continue our mission of providing a system of care and support for military families throughout every stage of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, regardless of which corner of the world our country asks them to serve.  For that, we salute you!

How to Donate:

Donate now to help us take a huge step forward in providing the continuity of care needed for many military families who do not have support.

Military Birth Resource Network 501c3 status is currently pending.  

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