Chapter Guidelines 


Chapter leaders desire to start a local chapter at their duty station.  MBRN suggests that each chapter have two leaders to share responsibility.  Each chapter leader will pay a $75 chapter leader fee.   Subsequent chapter board members will still need to join as an Active Member.


Chapter leaders duties include: 

  • Complete an application to start a chapter of Military Birth Resource Network, MBRN 

  • Submit an application to become a chapter leader and agree to serve for two years. 

  • Upon acceptance of the chapter application and the leader application the chapter leader will sign the chapter leader agreement, the non-disclosure agreement, and their commitment to supporting the mission and vision of MBRN 

  • Open a bank account for the chapter at a FDIC-insured bank under MBRN.

  • Chapter leaders are responsible for maintaining all chapter funds in the account and will submit quarterly financial reports to the Board of MBRN and to base command 

  • MBRN shall be designated as the beneficiary of the chapter bank account 

  • Should the chapter close, all money in the account and money raised by the chapter shall be the property of MBRN and will be submitted to MBRN 

  • Chapter leaders will solicit consumer and provider membership and assist in developing programs applicable for the chapter’s needs 

  • Chapter leaders will keep a current membership database 

  • Chapter leaders will promote chapter events, will maintain the chapter’s page on MBRN’s website, and will develop and publish a local resource list for families 

  • Funds raised by the chapter at chapter sponsored events will remain in the chapter  

  • In locations where more than one branches of service exists, chapter leaders will each strive to have a liaison with each base so that all military families, regardless of branch of service will be served    


Requirements to Become a Chapter Leader


  • Chapter leaders must have a current military ID card to be a chapter leader and base representative, this allows base access that is essential for the chapter.  However, a member may serve on committees without having base access 

  • Determine the paperwork required from the base legal office to establish a chapter on the base and the POC for MBRN to email this information to 

  • Sign a letter of commitment to further the mission and vision of MBRN in providing reliable resources for the military community.  Families need continuity of care as they transition from one duty station to the next and MBRN chapters and chapter leaders are an integral part of this transition 

  • Host and promote events such as birth talks, breastfeeding support groups, and other events as needed in your specific area.  MBRN will guide and assist each chapter with suggestions and information 

  • Chapter leaders must be willing to build healthy bridges in the community and with local hospitals and promote the mission, vision, and goals of MBRN 

  • Chapter leaders do not need to be a practicing doula but must have the ability to connect local resources with military families and an understanding of labor, birth, and postpartum 

  • Sign the non-compete clause and confidentiality statements for MBRN 

  • Upon resignation or relocation of the chapter leader, the chapter leader agrees to transfer in totality all chapter paperwork and materials to the new chapter leader or a designated member of that chapter  


Military Birth Resource Network Chapter Leader Statement



  • Support Military Birth Resource Network (MBRN) mission, vision, and goals
  • Be a member in good standing of Military Birth Resource Network
  • Attend and assist with chapter sponsored events



  • Recruit and help retain leadership in the chapter
  • Complete and submit quarterly and annual reports to
  • MBRN in a timely manner and base as outlined in PO guidelines
  • Recruit and help retain new members to MBRN
  • Maintain a cooperative, working relationship with base command
  • Serve MBRN and the chapter as a whole rather than any special interest or constituency



  • Encourage members to attend all chapter sponsored events
  • Provide programs for women and their families within the community
  • Promote MBRN chapters within the military community by assisting other duty stations that desire starting a new chapter
  • Cooperate and assist local chapters of MBRN



  •  Maintain a current membership in MBRN at all times
  • Solicit and encourage professional members and birth supporters
  • Maintain communication with chapter members and supporters


Military Birth Resource Network Chapter Leader Fiduciary Responsibilities

  • Open and maintain a chapter account at an FDIC insured financial institution to hold all funds that belong to the chapter
  • Exercise fiscal prudence in control and transfer of MBRN funds
  • Participant in fund raising events, programs, and activities of the chapter
  • Designate Military Birth Resource Network as the beneficial of the chapter bank account
  • Assist as needed in preparing all financial records that are to be submitted to MBRN
  • Submit all the chapter banking account information to MBRN
  • I agree that all money in the chapter bank account and raised by the chapter is Military Birth Resource Network money, not personal money of the chapter leader(s) (with exception of verifiable reimbursements with receipts)
  • I agree that all money held in the account and raised by the chapter becomes the property of Military Birth Resource Network if the chapter closes or dissolves
  • If the chapter closes or dissolves a check will be sent to Military Birth Resource network for the total of the chapter’s account and the final statement from the bank along with written departure notification. 

Each member must agree to abide by the following statements.  Please read and consider these criteria carefully before signing. 

I Agree to the Terms & Responsibilities Listed Above. I confirm that I have read and understand the role within the Military Birth Resource Network *
The Military Birth Resource Network reserves the right to suspend or cancel the membership of anyone who, in the judgment of our Ethics Committee, does not adhere to these terms and conditions.
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